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Frequently asked questions

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What is SWYP?
SWYP is a next generation secure electronic wallet. It is an electronic device that looks, feels and works just like a conventional plastic card such as a debit/credit card. However, unlike a regular plastic card, SWYP can transform itself into any of your cards at the click of a button. In short, instead of carrying 25 different cards, you can carry one SWYP.
Really? How does SWYP work?
Really! Each SWYP card has a chip that stores account information for each of your cards. You can select any card using buttons on the device. Information including name, card number, CVV, and expiry date is displayed on the card, and the magnetic stripe on the back is programmed accordingly to transform your SWYP into the chosen card.
How is a SWYP card different from a mobile wallet?
Mobile wallets work only with NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled terminals, which are few and far between. SWYP cards are designed to work everywhere your regular magnetic stripe based plastic card works - that’s more than 15 million terminals in the US alone.
How is a SWYP card different from Apple Pay or Android Pay?
Apple Pay and Android Pay are mobile phone based wallets that rely on newer NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled POS (Point Of Sale) terminals, which are not very prevalent. SWYP cards work with existing magnetic stripe based terminals that have been in use for several decades.
Is SWYP limited to credit cards?
Not at all. You can add most types of magnetic stripe based payment, loyalty, and gift cards to your SWYP card. Furthermore, the SWYP app can store your barcode based cards and keytags along with cards that have information printed on them.
Where are SWYP cards accepted?
SWYP is designed to work at most magnetic stripe based POS (Point Of Sale) terminals where you can swipe your regular plastic card.
I travel internationally - will my SWYP card work abroad?
Your SWYP card should work at most locations that accept your regular magnetic stripe based plastic cards.
Can I add credit cards issued outside the US to my SWYP card?
If your credit card has a magnetic stripe in the back, then you may be able to add it to your SWYP card. At this time, our focus has been on cards issued in the US.
Have credit card companies approved of SWYP cards?
A SWYP card is a digital wallet and not a card issued by a bank or financial institution. Think of it as a slimmer version of your leather wallet. Your SWYP card stores credit cards just like your physical wallet, but in a secure digital format.
Are there any hidden fees associated with my SWYP card?
Your SWYP card does not have any annual fee or per-transaction fee associated with it.
Orders & Shipping
Do I need a SWYP card?
Only if you want to unclutter your life. On average, Americans carry about 16 cards in the wallet and have a bunch more stashed away in their drawers. A SWYP card allows users to consolidate up to 25 cards leading to a clutter-free wallet.
How do I get my hands on a SWYP card?
If you have not already pre-ordered, you will have to wait until next year when the SWYP card will go on sale. Please join our waitlist or subscribe to our social media feeds for regular updates.
What are the benefits of pre-ordering?
Customers who pre-ordered SWYP cards got a deep discount and were able to shape this incredibly exciting technology through Beta feedback and design contests.
When will my SWYP card ship?
The earliest Batch 1 orders have begun shipping in May 2016. Our current estimates indicate that we will re-commence shipments in summer of 2017. Orders will be processed in the same order they were received. We are working with our manufacturers on ramping up production fast, and will keep you updated if the dates change.
How much does a SWYP card cost?
We are still working with our supply chain to finalize retail pricing of the SWYP cards. Just for reference, Batch 2 pre-orders sold for $79 a piece + shipping.
When I order my SWYP card, is my card charged immediately?
Yes, your payment card is charged immediately when you place an order.
How come I have multiple charges on my credit card for my SWYP order?
Some card companies place an initial charge (usually around $1.00) followed by the full payment. There are no extra charges from SWYP, as this is a security feature from your credit card company.
Can I change my address after ordering?
Yes. You will be able to update your shipping address as part of our identity verification process, which needs to be completed before we ship your SWYP card.
How do you handle multiple orders?
Once the identity verification process is completed, we will send you instructions on sending invitations to others that you've ordered the cards for.
What is the identity verification process?
The identity verification process is an important first step in ensuring our customers' security. This process ensures that we personalize and send your SWYP card to only you and no one else. As part of this process, we verify your identity using your Name and Address along with your Date of Birth or US Social Security Number. You also get an opportunity to update your shipping address if needed.
Is my date of birth and last four digits of SSN stored on SWYP's servers?
No. SWYP uses a certified third party KYC (Know Your Customer) service to verify your identity. We do not store your date of birth and last four digits of SSN on our servers.
What does personalization mean?
As part of personalization, we burn a secret key into the SWYP card that is tied to your account. We also print your Name and Customer ID on the back of your SWYP card.
When will you personalize the SWYP cards?
Your SWYP card will be personalized a few weeks before shipping it out to you.
What do I get as part of my SWYP order?
Your SWYP order comes with your personalized SWYP card, a SWYP reader, and a basic instruction card.
Can I cancel my order?
Yes. You can cancel your order at any time before we personalize your SWYP card. Just send us an email at support@swypcard.com with your name and order number. A member of our customer satisfaction team will help you with the cancellation.
Will I get all my money back when I cancel my order?
Of course! We refund you the entire amount when you cancel your order.
How long will it take for my refund to be processed?
While a refund is immediate on our part, it can take up to five business days for the refund to show on your credit card statement.
How do I get a refund if my credit card information has changed or expired since I ordered my card?
If your credit card has expired, our payment processor (Tilt), will issue a full refund via check or Paypal. Once your order is cancelled, you will receive an e-mail from Tilt with more information about the refund. Paypal refunds take less than 1 week and mailed checks should arrive within 2 weeks.
Can I order a SWYP card for a friend or family member?
Yes. You can order SWYP cards for your friends and family. You will receive an email requesting identitiy verification a few weeks before personalizing your card. Once your identity is verified, we will send you instructions on sending invitations to your friends and family.
Are SWYP cards available outside the US?
Not at this time. Stay tuned for updates on our Twitter (@SwypCard) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/swypcard)!
Can I order a SWYP card if I live in Puerto Rico, Guam, or any US territories?
Not at this time. Subscribe to our social media feeds for future updates.
Can I have my friend who lives in the USA send me a SWYP card?
We require identity verification before personalizing and shipping the SWYP card to you. Identity will be verified using your Date of Birth or US Social Security Number. We can ship a SWYP card to any address in the US as long as you can pass identity verification.
How do I contact customer support?
You can always reach us at support@swypcard.com and a member of our customer satisfaction team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.
How can I keep updated on SWYP?
Stay updated with the latest news on our blog and by following us on Twitter (@SwypCard) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/swypcard)!
How big are SWYP cards?
SWYP cards are the same size as a credit card: 3.375 x 2.125 inches and about 0.03 inches thick.
How do I choose between the different cards on my SWYP card?
SWYP cards have a display and tactile (yes, you can feel them) navigation buttons. You can press the arrow buttons to select the card you want your SWYP card to transform into.
What information is displayed on the SWYP card?
Depends on which card you are viewing. For a credit card, a SWYP card will display the name of the card, the network logo if any (e.g. Visa), last four digits of the account number, and expiration date. For a gift card, it may only display the name and a gift card icon.
How many cards does the SWYP card hold?
The SWYP card can store up to 25 cards encrypted in its memory. So there is plenty of room for all your cards. If you own more than 25 cards, the SWYP app on your phone can take care of the rest!
Does SWYP come with any health benefits?
SWYP can significantly thin your wallet. So, if you are one of the millions who carry a 1.5 inch thick wallet in your back-pocket, it may reduce pain in your posterior.
How long does the battery last?
SWYP's battery is designed to last up to two years but, battery life may vary based on usage patterns and environmental conditions. Having said that, our engineers are continually working on making SWYP more power efficient.
Is the battery re-chargeable?
The first generation SWYP cards will be shipped with non-rechargeable batteries.
Do I get a discount if I need to replace my SWYP card, but not the SWYP reader?
Not at this time. Your SWYP card is always shipped with a SWYP reader.
How much does a replacement card reader cost?
A replacement card reader will cost $20. However, the price is subject to change.
Do the SWYP cards have “clicky” or touch buttons?
The first generation SWYP cards will have tactile (clicky) buttons.
How do my cards make it onto my SWYP?
Your SWYP card ships with a card reader similar to the ones used at farmer’s markets and pop-up shops. Connect the reader to the audio jack in your phone, fire up the app, and start adding cards by swiping them through the reader. Your phone will securely and wirelessly transfer the cards to your SWYP card.
What type of cards can I add to the SWYP card?
You can add most types of magnetic stripe, barcode, and photo-only based cards to the SWYP app. That covers most credit, debit, loyalty, gift, and member cards.
How will barcode cards work with my SWYP?
Your can add barcoded cards and keytags to the SWYP app by simply scanning them with your mobile phone. Barcodes are currently displayed in the SWYP app. Future firmware upgrades will allow certain barcodes to be displayed on the SWYP card screen directly so that the card can be scanned instead of the phone.
How do I manage cards on my SWYP card?
You can add, delete, edit, and re-order the cards stored in your SWYP card using the SWYP app.
Can I add my Drivers License/ID to my SWYP card?
The SWYP card does not support driver's licenses at this point. However, you can store the front and back pictures of the drivers license in the SWYP app if you choose to.
Can I save money with SWYP?
If you’ve ever lost a deal because you didn’t have that loyalty card on you or forgot that $50 gift card at home, then you may be able to save money with SWYP. The average American family loses $300 a year in unused gift cards. The SWYP card and app allow you to carry gift cards and loyalty cards that may otherwise not fit in your buldging wallet.
Do I need my mobile device to use my SWYP card?
No. You can use your SWYP card at any Point of Sale (POS) terminal on its own as a standalone device. However, your mobile device is required to sync and update your SWYP card with information.
Does my SWYP card require an Internet or Bluetooth connection?
Internet and Bluetooth connection are not required to use your SWYP card at a Point of Sale (POS). However, they are needed to add and sync your cards.
Can a single SWYP card be used with multiple mobile devices?
No. Each SWYP card must be paired with a unique mobile device.
Can I have multiple SWYP cards on my account?
No. At this time, each SWYP card requires it’s own unique account and login.
What mobile platforms does SWYP support?
The SWYP app is currently available on iOS and Android platforms.
Which devices are currently supported by SWYP?
Currently, SWYP is fully compatible with the iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6S, 6 Plus, and 6S Plus. We will publish a list of supported Android devices shortly.
When will you add support for Windows phones?
We plan to roll out support for Windows phones in 2017.
Will my SWYP card work if other devices are connected to my phone over Bluetooth?
Yes. Your SWYP card will work even if other Bluetooth devices such as a Smart Watch are connected to your phone.
Can I view all digits of the credit card number on the SWYP card?
Yes. You can view all digits of the credit card number by going into detailed view.
What do the buttons on the SWYP card do?
The center button (Select) turns on your SWYP card and lets you toggle between quick/detailed views. The Up/Down buttons can be used to navigate through the cards.
Will the buttons on my SWYP card get pressed when I insert it into an ATM?
No. The SWYP cards are designed with that use case in mind.
Is the SWYP card flexible?
The SWYP card can handle some flex however, but it is an electronic device and not as flexible as a regular plastic card.
Can the SWYP card withstand the stresses of regular card use?
Yes. The SWYP card is built out of a durable metal alloy that can withstand the stresses of regular use.
Is the SWYP card waterproof?
The SWYP card is designed to be water resistant, but not water-proof. What that means is that your SWYP card won’t survive a visit to the washer or the swimming pool.
Does my SWYP card come with a warranty?
Yes. Your SWYP card will include a limited warranty that covers manufacturing defects.
If the magnetic stripe becomes unreadable, will I have to buy a new SWYP card?
Yes. If your SWYP card breaks or is damaged, you will have to buy a replacement card.
How will charges paid with my SWYP card reflect on my statements?
Think of the SWYP card as a wallet. If you select a particular card to pay, the charges on the statement will look just as if you used the corresponding plastic card.
How secure is the SWYP card?
The SWYP card uses industry standard encryption to secure personal financial data. Like conventional cards, it also has the account holder’s name and signature.
What happens if I lose my SWYP card?
If you lose your SWYP, the card automatically locks itself as soon as it is out of range of your phone. Multiple incorrect pin attempts will erase the card data. Please note that the earliest shipments will not have this feature enabled, but we will push the feature out via an OTA (over-the-air) upgrade shortly.
Is my SWYP card more secure than my wallet?
Absolutely. If your wallet is lost, it had better get into the hands of a good Samaritan, or else you will spend endless hours contacting card issuers. If your SWYP loses touch with your phone, it locks itself up and goes into PIN secured mode.
What happens if I lose both my phone and my SWYP card?
If you lose both your card and the phone, you can disable your card by using applications provided by your phone manufacturer or network (e.g. “Find my iPhone”) to wipe out your phone.
Can anyone besides me add my credit cards to their SWYP card?
No. The SWYP app makes sure that the name on the credit card matches the name of the person whom the SWYP card was issued to.
Does SWYP keep my credit card information on its servers?
No. SWYP does not keep credit card numbers on its servers. Your financial information is kept encrypted on your phone and your the SWYP card itself.
What information is needed before I can start using my SWYP?
We require identity verification before personalizing and shipping the card to you. Identity will be verified using your Date of Birth and US Social Security Number.
What is "Valet Mode?"
Valet Mode prevents accidental changing of your selected card for when handing your card over to a merchant for processing. Once in that mode, your SWYP card will lock to the chosen card, and will allow the transaction to be completed using only that card.
What prevents a merchant from charging the wrong card?
The SWYP card's "Valet Mode," is specifically designed to address this! We will have this feature enabled via an OTA (over-the-air) upgrade in the near future.
Won't my SWYP card lock up when it is out of range at a restaurant?
No. Your SWYP card's "Valet Mode" takes care of that.
Can someone pair my SWYP card with their phone?
No. Your SWYP card cannot be paired with someone else's phone.
What is EMV?
EMV is short for Europay, MasterCard, and VISA - a global standard for “chip cards.” Credit card networks have just started transitioning over to EMV and the process will take a few years to complete. In the transition period, cards will be issued with both the magnetic stripe as well as the chip interface.
Does the SWYP card support EMV?
Not at the moment. The SWYP platform was designed to support EMV, but we need to have certain relationships and certifications in place before enabling it. We are working hard on that front and will keep you updated on the progress.
Will my SWYP card work on EMV enabled terminals?
Depends. If your original plastic card was not chip enabled, then you will be able to use the SWYP card. If, however, the original card was chip enabled, then you will have to use it at EMV enabled terminals.
What is NFC?
NFC stands for Near Field Communication, a wireless technology that allows phones to make payments. NFC technology has been around for a decade, but has not seen wide acceptance amongst merchants.
Does the SWYP card support NFC?
SWYP does not support NFC at this time, because of extremely low merchant adoption. Over time, we will add NFC payment functionality to the SWYP cards to give users the option.
Does the SWYP card support Apple Pay?
Not at this time. Apple Pay works over NFC and suffers the same merchant adoption issues as NFC. The SWYP product is built on the magnetic stripe standard, that is universally accepted.
Will the magnetic strip wear out over time?
No. The SWYP card uses a dynamic magnetic stripe that does not wear out like conventional magnetic stripes found on plastic cards.
Will the display on the SWYP card crack if it bends?
No. The SWYP card uses bleeding edge flexible display technology.
What metal is the SWYP card made of?
That’s our trade secret, and it’s tough stuff!
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